Chris Christie Blasts DeSantis Over Disney Rift

( – Former New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie blasted Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis during a Tuesday morning interview with Semafor Principals because of his ongoing dispute with Disney. Christie explained this was the wrong thing to do since this back-and-forth with the company is not fit for a GOP member.

During the interview, Christie said that based on DeSantis’s actions against Disney, he could say that the Florida Governor is not a proper Republican. He also said this crusade against Disney is a delicate problem because it shows that if a company expresses an uncomfortable opinion, the government will come in and punish it. The former New Jersey governor said this is problematic because he always thought this was something that only liberals did, but now he’s noticing that Republicans like DeSantis agree with this idea.

About this issue, Christie said that the government should never intervene in “the business of business,” pointing out that a Republican who wants to be president should know how to manage the proper use of governmental power. He also questioned why the Florida Governor is looking to punish a company that creates so much tourism and tax revenue for the state.

Moreover, Christie said that “Republicans all across the country” would be mad if a Democrat would be using the government power to punish Disney, just like DeSantis is doing right now. Finally, he said he’s planning to announce some decisions about his future over the next few weeks.

The Florida Governor, who hasn’t officially declared his bid for the 2024 presidential election, has been feuding with the company over the last few months because of a state law that radical leftist has been referring to as “Don’t Say Gay.”

As reported by different media outlets, Disney has expressed its disagreement with this law, with the company’s CEO Bob Iger claiming this was “anti-Florida” and “anti-business.”

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