Crooked Media Co-Founder Publicly Calls for Feinstein’s Resignation from Senate

( – Co-founder of Crooked Media Jon Lovett claimed  during a Tuesday episode of his “Pod Save America” podcast that Democratic California Senator Dianne Feinstein must resign, as he said that the her absence from the Senate is currently not letting the upper chamber to properly confirm court justices.

In his podcast, Lovett explained that Feinstein is “out for shingles” and that numerous reports have been pointing out over the last few weeks that she can no longer serve as a US Senator because of her health issues, especially if taken into consideration that she is representing one of the most important states in the whole country. He also explained in his podcast that even when this isn’t Feinstein’s fault, the situation has been so concerning that even the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and Illinois Democratic Senator Dick Durbin has said that her absence represents a significant challenge to overcome.

About this case, Lovett added that Durbin has explained that Feinstein has prevented the upper chamber to move some lower court nominees to a Senate vote because she’s not in the Judiciary Committee, claiming that this only means she shouldn’t be in the upper chamber because she’s preventing Democrats from confirming judges.

Finally, Lovett said he thinks some people around her are making a terrible mistake by allowing this situation to take place, pointing out that Feinstein “has to resign” and that many more people in California should call for her to take this step.

The Democratic Senator, who is 89 years old, was recently hospitalized with shingles, said that she will return to the upper chamber to resume her legislative activities “as soon as possible.” In February, Feinstein announced she won’t be seeking reelection, which would represent a sixth term. Given this situation, Democratic Representatives Adam Schiff and Katie Porter have already announced they will run to fill her seat next year.

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