Justice Thomas Allegedly Accepted Luxury Trips From Republican Megadonor

(AmericanProseprity.com) – According to a ProPublica Thursday report, conservative Justice Clarence Thomas and his wife Ginni Thomas went on numerous luxury trips that were subsidized by businessman and Republican megadonor Harlan Crow. These trips involved travels and stays at different properties owned by him. The media outlet points out Thomas didn’t disclose any of these trips in his public financial filings with the US Supreme Court.

The report describes that some of these luxury trips included travels to New Zealand, Indonesia, Georgia, Texas and California. Many of these trips allegedly included not only travels on the businessman’s super yacht but also staying at properties owned by him or his company.

In a statement to the media outlet, the Republican megadonor said there was nothing wrong with Thomas’ trips since he has been a friend of the conservative justice and his wife for more than three decades, adding that the hospitality Thomas received was no different from the one he and his company have extended to some other friends. Moreover, Crow told ProPublica in his statement that Thomas and his wife never asked for this hospitality or any type of luxury trip whatsoever, pointing out that none of them asked any type of question about a lower or pending case.

The report is already adding to claims that the US legislative branch must investigate any potential ethical lapse. In fact, many Democrats have already expressed their discontent over Thomas’ alleged trips and the way he failed to disclose them in his public financial filings with the US Supreme Court.

One of these was Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin from Illinois, who said in a statement that the report represented “a call to action,” adding that the panel will act on this matter as soon as possible.

Another prominent member of the Democratic who expressed her discontent was radical left-winger Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who claimed that Justice Thomas should be impeached.

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