Kremlin Blasts White House Over Numbers of Russian Deaths

( – Russia’s Kremlin rejected on Tuesday US estimates for the number of Russian casualties in their invasion of Ukraine, which included over 20,000 Russians killed since December 2022.

About these claims, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that the numbers were simply “plucked from thin air.” He also claimed that the Biden administration has no way of providing accurate numbers on this matter, calling all journalists to not take the White House seriously.

Peskov’s comments weren’t surprising as the Kremlin is known for discrediting any damaging information provided by a Western government or media outlet. This is the same tactic that Moscow practiced during the Soviet era, and many experts believe dictator Vladimir Putin has known how to use it.

This rebuke came hours after the White House National Security Spokesperson John Kirby told reporters during a Monday press conference that Russia has suffered over 100,000 casualties, including over 20,000 killed. He also explained that the Russian military has exhausted its armed forces and military stockpiles, which represents a “stunning” situation.” These numbers seemed to confirm the disastrous situation that Russian troops are suffering on the battlefield, with experts pointing out it remains unclear who could eventually win this war.

To these declarations, Peskov claimed Kirby was wrong as the only accurate source to know the real statistics on deaths in this war is the Russian Defense Ministry and the official numbers it posts. Despite this claim, the truth is that this ministry hasn’t published any official death statistics since September 2022, when it said almost 6,000 Russian troops had been killed in Ukraine.

In addition to the Kremlin, Russia’s Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu also blasted the White House for publishing these numbers. In a speech, he said that the Russian Armed Forces were conducting military operations along engagement lines, pointing out that the Ukrainian military has also suffered major losses in the war. He said 15,000 Ukrainian troops were killed last month.

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