Liz Cheney Blasts Trump in Campaign Ad

( – Republican former Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney launched on Tuesday a campaign ad in New Hampshire, where she warns American voters against voting for former US President Donald Trump. In voiceover on top of different clips showing Trump and the January 6th, 2021 Capitol riots, Cheney says that the Republican leader has been shown to be unfit for office. She also pointed out that the former commander-in-chief is a serious risk that the United States should “never take again.”

In the ad, Cheney added that Trump has been the only president in US history who has refused to ensure a “peaceful transfer of power.” This has been one of the main criticisms against Republicans, as many claim this is one of the reasons why the United States remains extremely polarized. However, experts have been pointing out that President Joe Biden has exacerbated this situation by making radical comments against Republicans and failing in his promise of reducing polarization.

Additionally, Cheney said in her campaign ad that Trump knew he legally lost the election against then-candidate Biden, pointing out he betrayed millions of US citizens by claiming the presidential election “was stolen.” She also said he ignored several court rulings and decided to mobilize “a mob” to march to the Capitol instead of accepting he legally lost the presidential election. Cheney said that, after that, the mob he mobilized invaded the Capitol and attacked law enforcement agents while Trump was watching it on TV.

Finally, Cheney said in the video that Trump delayed in telling the Capitol rioters to leave, pointing out that the former president “didn’t care” about numerous warnings that his plans for that day “were illegal.” At the end of the video, she claimed there has never been a more blatant “dereliction of duty” by any commander-in-chief in history.

Currently, Trump remains the main favorite to win the GOP nomination.

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