North Korea Continues to Warn of Nuclear Attacks

( – North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un said on December 21 that his communist regime wouldn’t hesitate to execute a nuclear strike against any country that provokes North Korea with nuclear weapons. According to state-controlled news agency KCNA, the communist leader made the remark during a meeting with North Korean soldiers under the missile bureau of the country’s military. Kim reunited with the troops following the launching operations of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

As reported by KCNA, Kim said that the military activity conducted by Pyongyang was the clearest explanation of the nuclear strategy’s evolution and “offensive counteraction mode” of the North Korean Armed Forces and the country itself. The communist dictator added that North Korea is willing to enter into a “nuclear war” against any foe if needed.

In a December 19 statement, the communist regime said it tested its newest Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) on December 18 to measure the war readiness of its nuclear force against the mounting hostility from the United States. The Biden administration and many other Western nations condemned North Korea over its declarations and the missile testing.

During a televised speech, Kim said that the missile launch was another “proof” of the North Korean armed forces’ rapid attack and high mobility capability. He also called for more efforts to strengthen the armed forces’ combat efficiency “as soon as possible” so the country guarantees its security against “geopolitical foes.”

In a statement, Kim’s sister Kim Yo Jong criticized the United Nations Security Council for having a meeting over Pyongyang’s ICBM launch, pointing out that what the Hermit Kingdom did was an exercise of its right to “self-defense.” She added that the UNSC should criticize the “irresponsible” behavior that the United States has been showing that aggravates tensions on the Korean peninsula through various “military provocations.” Kim’s sister also said that North Korea will know “how to defend itself” in case a foreign country decides to launch a military or nuclear strike.

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