Pro-DeSantis New Super PAC Raises $30 Million in Three Weeks

( – According to a New York Times Monday report, a new super PAC that supports Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis has allegedly raised $30 million, which represents a massive number since it was officially established on March 9th.

An official with the super PAC, which is named Never Back Down, told the liberal newspaper that the organization raised the money for a hypothetical DeSantis presidential campaign without counting any single fund from other similar committees, including the Florida governor’s state political one, which has raised nearly $82 million so far. The official also explained that 50 percent of the donations received came from other states outside Florida.

This new super PAC is led by former US Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Kenneth Cuccinelli and has even hired Jeff Roe, who has been one of the main aides in the political campaigns of Virginia Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin and Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

In a statement, Cuccinelli explained he decided to launch this super PAC after speaking to numerous grassroots conservative activists in different parts of the country and noting that many of them believe that DeSantis should run for president, as they feel he represents the Republican Party’s best option to beat President Joe Biden. He also said he feels quite confident that Never Back Down could eventually become “an unmatched grassroots political army” that will help the Florida governor get to the White House, which he believes the country needs it after the numerous mistakes committed by the Biden administration in terms of economy and security.

Last week, the pro-DeSantis super PAC published a video that showed the crowd at the March 25th Waco rally for former President Donald Trump being in silence at the moment he decided to criticize the Florida governor for nearly six minutes. DeSantis supporters believe this is the biggest evidence that he could be a better candidate than the former commander-in-chief.

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