Reporters Call for Biden To Apologize for WWII Bombing

( – Biden administration officials answered questions during a Tuesday press briefing about whether US President Joe Biden was going to apologize for the United States’ use of nuclear weapons on Nagasaki and Hiroshima during World War II. These questions were made as some Japanese media outlets suggested the US commander-in-chief should do it considering that no US president has done it so far.

At one moment a reporter asked National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby if President Biden was going to apologize or even make a comment on this matter. He refused to provide a clear answer, as he responded that what the president is going to do is to visit the memorial and pay respects to the number of people who died because of the nuclear attack. He also said that the main focus of this trip to Japan is the future and reuniting the G-7 to discuss common opportunities and challenges and find a way to work them out in a multilateral manner.

Also, Kirby told reporters there was a chance that the president’s trip to the Pacific may be shorter than expected since he could return earlier to the US to keep dealing with budget negotiations to prevent a default. The president was scheduled to visit Papua New Guinea and Australia after the summit in the Asian nation.

While former President Barack Obama decided to visit Hiroshima during a trip to Japan in 2016, he didn’t apologize. This situation was quite surprising for many as different media outlets reported it was quite possible that Obama took this step.

Many even criticized the Democratic leader as he not only refused to issue an apology but also failed to undercut the decision of former US President Harry Truman to use nuclear bombs against the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Obama only made a call to nuclear powers across the world to reduce their nuclear stockpiles.

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