Republican Senator Says Congress Went Too Far on Gun Control

( – South Dakota Republican Senator Mike Rounds said during a CNN Wednesday appearance that lawmakers in the United States have gone too far on the topic of gun control in the country, following another shooting at an elementary school in Nashville earlier this week.

During the interview with CNN host Kaitlan Collins, Rounds explained that every single person would do anything they could to find the solution to this type of issue that the United States has been dealing with over the last few decades, pointing out that no one should doubt about the deep pain everyone is feeling because of what happened in The Covenant Christian School.

Rounds pointed out that the biggest problem in this situation is the way members of the Democratic Party have politicized the tragedy by claiming that it’s guns’ fault and talking about challenging the Second Amendment and banning weapons. He added this position is absolutely unnecessary since the numerous measures that have already been taken about gun control have gone too far and have already reached their limit.

The Republican Senator told Collins that instead of taking this road, the Congress should better reallocate the $500 million that many are planning to use on school solar panels in increasing the security of these academic institutions, adding that the money could even be used to build schools that are “more difficult to get into.”

In addition to Rounds, there were other Republican colleagues that have been suggesting that the Congress can’t do much in reducing gun violence in the country. One of these is Republican Tennessee Representative Tim Burchett, who told reporters that while the gun shooting at the Christian school is a “horrible” tragedy, it was difficult for Congress to find a real solution on this matter, considering that criminals won’t stop being criminals, being a reality that he considers to be almost impossible to fix.

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