RINO Mitch Daniels Chooses Not to Run for US Senate

RINO Mitch Daniels Chooses Not to Run for US Senate

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Mitch Daniels (R-IN) began stirring up the press in June when he announced he would no longer serve as President of Purdue University after 2022. At the time, rumors were circulating that the former Indiana governor might make another gubernatorial run in 2024. More recently, he appeared primed to run for the seat Senate Republican Mike Braun is vacating as he leaves to conduct his campaign for the GOP nomination for the 2024 Indiana gubernatorial race. Daniels has now shared that he’s opting out.

With Indiana’s current governor, Eric Holcomb, at his term limit and Braun on the brink of retirement from the Senate, Daniels had appeared intent on keeping his options open. Now that he’s had time to explore, the former state leader seems to have cooled to the idea of jumping back into politics. According to POLITICO he stated that perhaps there were avenues outside of an elective office where he could make a difference, adding, “If not, there is so much more to life.”

Daniels has remained politically relevant through his Washington Post column — and he still has supporters, some of whom would love to see him run for Indianapolis mayor. He had toyed with the idea of serving a single six-year Senate term, noting he would have placed his focus on humane border reforms, national security protections against China, and “safety net programs.” Then again, at 73 years old, he might just be ready to retire.

With Daniels out of the running, the door appears open for Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) to take the Senate seat. The MAGA contender has multiple endorsements, including the backing of former President Donald Trump.

The race for the governor’s seat could be just as clear-cut. Senator Braun might be leaving Congress, but he’s not finished with politics. He’s currently campaigning for the gubernatorial nomination, hoping to keep the seat red. He’s likely to face off against Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch and Eric Doden, a businessman in Fort Wayne, for the Republican nomination.

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