Senator Calls on Tech Giants to Protect Kids From AI

( – Democratic Colorado Senator Michael Bennett wrote a Tuesday letter to the main executives of the US biggest tech companies, where he raised concerns about the numerous risks that young users could face with artificial intelligence technology, and where he asked for more information regarding safety features to protect them.

In the letter, Bennet pointed out that some of the most important social media platforms, including Snap, Google, Instagram, and Facebook were moving rapidly to utilize generative AI by creating AI personalities and experimenting with different ways to integrate this technology into image-sharing and messaging applications. 

He explained this could open a dangerous scenario where the consequences might be more negative than positive, considering that the main public that will be making use of generative AI in consumer products will be children and teenagers. Bennet added that even when this technology possesses an “enormous potential” that could facilitate numerous tasks, it’s not moral or ethical to sacrifice the safety and well-being of younger users so AI can be properly integrated into every single application.

Bennet’s letter to tech firms’ executives comes in a moment where lawmakers of the Republican and Democratic parties are expressing concerns about the potential dangers posed by different platforms such as TikTok, which many policymakers are making efforts to fully ban because of the way it could use user data not only to track browsing history but also to locate and even drive misinformation efforts. In fact, different experts have called for its ban since it allegedly stores all type of information about its users and sends it to the Chinese regime.

The Senator’s letter included numerous examples of cases where AI-powered chatbots showed disturbing behavior while interacting with teenagers and children, including a situation when My AI instructed a child how to hide a bruise ahead of a Child Protective Services visit.

His letter was addressed to Meta chairman Mark Zuckerberg, Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

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