Ted Cruz Blasts Biden Over Macron’s Controversial Remarks

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz blasted President Joe Biden on Wednesday over some controversial remarks made on Saturday by French President Emmanuel Macron, where he said it was not in the interests of Europe to keep accelerating a crisis in Taiwan.

On his Twitter account, Cruz said this was a stunning situation as it showed that even the European left-wing leaders, whom President Biden constantly praises, are “screwing” the United States with their foreign policy positions. In addition, he asked in his tweet whether President Biden could have been more disastrous on foreign policy.

Macron’s comments raised concerns among analysts as many believe this could reveal that France is no longer willing to support the United States in some of the most important issues in the geopolitical stage, including the conflict between China and Taiwan and the Russian invasion against Ukraine. In fact, even US former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had some words against the French President, claiming that his comments about Taiwan were disastrous and “galling.”

During an interview on “Cats &Cosby Show,” Pompeo told host John Catsimatidis that President Macron was wrong in his idea that supporting Taiwan and keep making efforts to prevent a similar situation as the one that is taking place in Ukraine means that the West is making this issue worse. In addition, Pompeo said that the French leader “botched it” for the French people, adding that the United States needs to make clear that these comments are simply “unacceptable.”

President Macron made these controversial remarks during an interview with the daily Les Echos and Politico Europe, where he not only said that it’s not in the interest of Europe to accelerate the crisis in Taiwan but added that the worst thing that Europe can do is to become a follower on this topic and eventually “take our cue” from the American agenda and China’s overreaction.

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