TV Ad Campaign Accuses TikTok of Glorifying Suicide

( – A parental rights group has accused TikTok of supporting and glorifying suicide and self-harm. The group said that TikTok glorifies this while also “collecting vast amounts of personal data from its users, including minors.”

“TikTok is Poison” is a national television ad that started up alongside the parental rights organization. The group said that their goal is to “put parents back in the driver’s seat through national, local, and community activism, education, and demands for further transparency from the institutions influencing our children.”

“Our goal to educate the American public, specifically parents that… these are the effects of TikTok and what it’s feeding to your children… and that this is a really, you know, dangerous thing for our kids to have in their pockets,” Alleigh Marré, parental rights advocate said.

Many critics of TikTok have stated that the app exposes kids to negative behaviors while also posing a national security threat. Lawmakers have often said that the app, which is connected to the Chinese government, can acquire personal data from its users.

Researchers at the nonprofit said that they found proof of them boosting videos about self-harm and suicide. In response, TikTok disputed the claims and said that the researchers didn’t use the app like most other people were using it, and that’s why they got the result they did.

The research states that after they spent time engaging and liking content on the app, they were then pushed to this type of negative content. TikTok has said that young children are not exposed to anything negative because they prohibit children under 13 from joining the app. They also said that people who search for content related to these topics receive a prompt that offers mental health resources.

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