U.S. National Park Service Sued For Planning to TRAP Stray Cats?!

(AmericanProsperity.com) – According to a non-profit organization, they have sued the U.S. National Park Service because of their plan to call in animal welfare to trap and capture two hundred stray cats in Puerto Rico.

The lawsuit was filed by non-profit Maryland-based Alley Cat Allies just four months after the United States agency announced its plan to remove these stray cats from a historic district in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The cats are a part of the area there and they haven’t been a problem for many people up until recent years when there was an increase in the population, leading to complaints from people in the area.

The park service was looking to solve this problem by having animal welfare take the cats and decide whether they were sheltered, rehomed, or otherwise. The lawsuit from the non-profit says that the National Park Service is violating acts including the National Environmental Protection Act.

Tourists have spoken out about the cats saying that they are a historic delight but that they can also be a nuisance, especially after the surge in population. Activists have said that the six-month window they’ve given them is not enough time to remove the cats and they are worried that the cats will be killed.

In the Alley Cat Allies lawsuit, they are looking into getting additional environmental statements and are looking into finding a judge who will state that the actions violate the National Environmental Protection Act.

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