3 Alaskan Airlines Flight Passengers Suing Boeing?!

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Three passengers are suing Boeing after a door plug flew off from a 737 MAX 9 plane and fell 16,000 feet to the ground, claiming they endured physical and emotional damages during the incident.

Three passengers, Kyle Rinker, Amanda Strickland, and Kevin Kwok, are collaboratively suing Boeing for $1 billion after a door plug on Alaskan Airlines Flight 1282 flew off just a few minutes into the flight. The plane was heading from Portland to Ontario, California when the door plug flew off and the flight had to make an emergency landing.

The three passengers filed the lawsuit to seek compensatory and punitive damages from Boeing due to the events that happened on the flight in question.

The lawsuit reads, “As a direct result of the frightful, death-threatening failure of the Boeing aircraft, Mr Kwok, Mr Rinker, and Ms Strickland suffered severe mental, emotional, and psychological injuries, including post-traumatic stress, and physical injuries.” They stated that some passenger’s ears bled in response to the door plug blowout, as this was the physical injury they spoke of in the lawsuit.

An aviation law firm, Jonathan W Johnson, filed the lawsuit on behalf of the three passengers and they said that they hope to “hold Boeing accountable for its negligence which had caused extreme panic, fear and post-traumatic stress.”

The door plug flying off resulted in chaos within the plane and caused many personal items to fly out of the door plug hole; one teenager’s shirt was even ripped off of him because of the wind pull. The plane did land back safely after the incident, with no passengers seriously injured and an investigation was immediately launched.

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