A Look Into Ukraine’s Female Soldiers

Indoor portrait of young girl with blue and yellow ukrainian flag on her cheek wearing military uniform, mandatory conscription in Ukraine, equality concepts.

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Ukraine is giving us a glimpse into the female role in combat in the war between Russia and Ukraine. A woman’s role in combat is a little bit controversial especially when it comes to warfronts and active combat.

There are currently over 40,000 women serving active duty in the Ukraine military, according to Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense. Females taking on active combat positions during this war changed the way that people see women and their strength. Many women combat fighters are speaking out about how their role in the Ukraine-Russian war has changed the way that people look at women’s capabilities.

With this being said, they still spoke out about the issues that they’ve dealt with when it comes to working with male counterparts as many described having to prove themselves to the males that they were working with.

Tsybukh, a combat medic said, “On the battlefield, due to the fact that you are a woman, you must prove your ability to perform a combat mission with quality. On the other hand, if you’re a man, you don’t need to prove anything.”

They spoke of specific situations that may happen such as a commander giving you easier tasks because they feel that you are not equipped as a woman to handle certain tasks. She goes on to say that in her current role, she does feel respected but that this isn’t always the case.

“But my example does not affect their general prejudice against women. They consider me and people like me to be an exception to the rule and they would rather choose a man, not a woman, for the task,” she said.

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