Abortion Pill Case Could Change FDA Regulations Around Medication?!

(AmericanProsperity.com) – There is currently a Supreme Court case going on regarding a pill, which is called mifepristone, which is used to treat miscarriage and early pregnancy. This pill has had tons of controversy around it because it is one pill that’s used in combination with another in order to perform abortions at early pregnancy stages.

Abortion has been a serious topic in the United States with many cases attempting to fight the legality of the procedure, especially in states that want it completely banned. The ruling from the Supreme Court on this particular pill could reshape abortion access as a nation, and it could change the access that the FDA has allowed us.

A group of anti-abortion doctors have teamed up to take this case to trial in order to remove this particular pill from the shelves. However, if the doctors succeed in this trial, it could change how drugs are prescribed, developed, and regulated.

Juan Hincapie-Castillo, a drug policy researcher, licensed pharmacist and assistant professor of epidemiology at the University of North Carolina said, “I am terrified. This case is shifting the whole paradigm of how things could go moving forward”.

Mifepristone was approved by the FDA over twenty years ago, and it was approved with strict requirements, including the condition that the patient was under seven weeks pregnant, it’s prescribed in-person with follow-ups and has an enhanced risk reporting regimen.

The pill itself has a track record of working and being beneficial, however, with the overturn of Roe v Wade and judges ruling in their favor, this case is now at the Supreme Court. With this, many people have spoken out to say that drug regulation should be decided upon by science and not by political views, which is what brought on this case.

People have also expressed concern over the FDA’s ability to make medical and scientific decisions. If the ruling here is approved and the judge rules on the doctor’s side then this could push others to sue just because they don’t necessarily like a drug, while there are no real medical or scientific facts behind it.

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