Armed Man Attempts to Infiltrate RFK Jrs Security Detail

( – Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) announced on September 15 that an armed man accused of posing as a US Marshal was arrested by police officers at an event attended by presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. The Department Inmate Information Center of the Los Angeles County Sheriff said that the 44-year-old suspect is named Adrian Aispuro, and noted he was booked on a felony firearm charge and was in custody with a bail set at $35,000.

The Democratic leader was scheduled to deliver a speech to celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre, which is located in Los Angeles at 4401 West 8th Street. According to an The Epoch Times report, the LAPD told the media outlet it received a call at 4:30 pm reporting that a male holding a gun and a badge on his lapel was right on front of the event’s venue. The LAPD added that while Aispuro consistently claimed he was a US Marshall, Wilshere Station’s officers arrested him ten minutes later.

A spokesperson for Kennedy Jr. confirmed the incident to the media outlet and noted that the presidential candidate hadn’t arrived at the event when Aispuro was seen and eventually arrested by police officers. The LAPD also noted that the 44-year-old man repeatedly claimed that that event employed him. However, the security staff said no one knew him.

Following the incident, the Democratic leader said on his Twitter account he was grateful for the immediate action taken by the event’s police officers and security team to guarantee his safety. He also noted that the company Gavin de Becker and Associates did a great job in spotting and detaining Aispuro.

Kennedy added that the suspect was wearing pistols and ammunition magazines, and said he was identifying as a member of his security team. Finally, he expressed his gratitude to the LAPD for providing a fast response and preventing what could have been a tragedy.

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