United States Fears Russia’s Influence Toward Africa

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The United States fears Russia’s influence in Africa after Africa recently asked for the removal of U.S. troops that were on their soil.

Currently, the United States has two operational bases in Niger and a security pact with Africa allowing the troops to work on their soil. Africa has revoked this pact that has been in place for over a decade and this could mean the closure of the military bases. Before they decided to do this, they kicked out the French military and were offered support by the Russian mercenaries, the Wagner group.

The United States is worried about the closure of its military base and that it would mean it would lose more of Africa to Russia’s leadership and power. The U.S. had visited Niger after the removal of French troops in efforts to maintain the relationship with Africa.

The African military junta’s spokesperson Colonel Amadou Abdramane said that the presence of U.S. troops was “declared illegal.” “The military government forcefully denounces the condescending attitude accompanied by the threat of retaliation from the head of the American delegation towards the Nigerian government and people,” Abdramane said.

The concerns come after U.S. officials accused Niger of planning to give Iran access to their Uranium reserves, which could up Tehran’s nuclear weaponry.

Abdramane denied these claims, saying, “The government of Niger rejects the false allegations of the head of the American delegation to maintain that it has signed a secret agreement on uranium with the Islamic Republic of Iran.” They continued this statement by saying that they were “ending the security pact with immediate effect.”

It’s been said that there may be slight room for negotiation as Niger gave “mixed signals” according to a representative from the joint chiefs of staff. “We are remaining in touch with Niger’s ruling military council and seeking additional clarification of their comments, as well as discussing potential next steps,” A state department spokesman, Vedant Pate said.

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