Does Biden Lack Mental Ability For Office?

( – According to a poll that was released on Monday, over half of Americans lack confidence in President Biden’s mental ability and his ability to run the country.

The Associated Press and NORC of Public Affairs Research carried out the poll, which showed that 60% of Americans think that Joe Biden is no longer competent enough to run the country. It’s also been said that many Americans are not happy with the decisions that Joe Bien is making as President.

Statistics show that about 4 in 10 Americans are in support of Biden’s decisions when it comes to abortion, climate change, and the war in Ukraine. However, fewer are in support of Biden when it comes to the war in Gaza, immigration, and the economy.

These polls that express a concern for Biden’s mental abilities come after a report highlighting his mental deterioration and after multiple instances where he’s been seen forgetting, stuttering, or losing his train of thought in interviews or press conferences.

With this said, the same poll was done on Donald Trump and what people think about his mental ability to run the country. In these findings, about 6 in 10 people felt that he also lacked the mental ability to run the country.

Experts have discussed the results and the way that the public has viewed how Biden has been handling the Presidency. Some experts say that the economy is playing a huge role in the statistics and the way people are swaying their votes. Republican pollster Daron Shaw said, “When the president declares that the state of the union is strong, Americans will largely disagree, and the major source of this disagreement is the economy.”

Many Americans are focused on the economy and the way that it’s running, which means that when they are answering polls and thinking about their feelings, many might make a decision solely on the economy and the way the President is handling that.

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