U.S. Intelligence Warns of A Fragile World Order

(AmericanProsperity.com) – A new threat assessment report has been released and it mentions potential threats from multiple countries to the United States. The report says that the country (United States) “faces an increasingly fragile global order, strained by great power competition, transnational challenges, and regional conflicts”.

It focused specifically on threats brought on by China and Russia as well as conflict that could be brought on by the war happening with Israel-Gaza. “An ambitious but anxious China, a confrontational Russia, some regional powers, such as Iran, and more capable non-state actors are challenging long-standing rules of the international system as well as US primacy within it,” the report states.

The support that China has given to Russia in its war with Ukraine is controversial as there have been reports of trade increasing between China and Russia over the last year. This has pushed political members, such as Avril Haines, Director of National Intelligence, to push lawmakers to approve more funding for Ukraine.

Haines said that it was “hard to imagine” how Ukraine could defend its territory against Russia without more support from Washington. With this, she also stated that China could use technology to destabilize the United States as a direct hit to the U.S. but also to prevent Washington from helping Ukraine further.

There has been a growing concern regarding potential threats and conflicts as the growing tension between countries rises. The report mentioned Netanyahu and the potential threats regarding him and the distrust that his people have in him to lead. It also mentioned a potential rally to demand his resignation.

FBI Director Christopher Wray also spoke out about potential threats that may come in from the border due to its vulnerability. “The threat has gone to a whole new level,” Wray said.

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