Trump Raises Millions in Atlanta Neighborhood

( – Donald Trump has just raised millions of dollars in his latest campaign in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. This particular neighborhood has pushed against the city’s increasing crime rate and lack of police support, adopting Trump’s more radical rhetoric surrounding these concerns.

Trump campaign communications director Steven Cheung spoke out about their goals for Trump’s campaigns. “Our digital online fundraising continues to skyrocket, our major donor investments are climbing, and Democrats are running scared of the fundraising prowess of President Trump. We are not only raising the necessary funds, but we are deploying strategic assets that will help send President Trump back to the White House and carry Republicans over the finish line,” he said.

Trump recently attended a fundraiser in this neighborhood in Atlanta where many officials and business people joined him. At this fundraiser, former president, Donald Trump, was able to raise more than fifteen million dollars.

The fundraiser came amid Trump’s push for law and order in American cities, promising to indemnify officers if he is elected. This has been a focal point for many cities when it comes to fundraising for Trump, especially Buckhead residents who have dealt with expanding and increasing crime, even in a district that boasts a median household income of $109,774.

Crime and other issues in this area of Atlanta had pushed people to want to secede from the city of Atlanta back in 2021; violent crimes had been escalating, such as homicides and theft, which have become a regular issue in the city. The city has said that the police obviously don’t want to work for a city that doesn’t support them, which is why they are looking to secede.

Trump had discussed the rampant crime and treatment of the police force in many cities before in a push to connect to the Republican demographic. During Trump’s current campaign, he has spoken out many times about the crime rate and the way he hopes to support cities that deal with this.

“We will very importantly restore law and order to our country, and I’m going to indemnify all police officers and law enforcement officials throughout the United States to protect them from being destroyed by the radical left for taking strong actions on crime,” Trump said.

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