Attack on Russian Soil Leaves Many Stunned After Concert

( – Russia faced its most gruesome attack this past weekend as there was a shooting during a concert that killed over one hundred people.

People gathered in Crocus City Hall as they waited to see a popular band since the Soviet days, called Picnic. The concert was sold out with over six thousand buyers and many weren’t even in the stadium yet for the concert, but getting their snacks and drinks when people heard shots.

It was about ten minutes before the show started when people started hearing pops, but many thought that it was fireworks or a different celebratory act to start the concert they were attending.

Dave Primov, who attended the concert, spoke out about what he heard. “Initially I thought: fireworks or something like that…” he said. “I looked at my colleague, and he also said: ‘Fireworks, probably.’”

As they soon found out, these were not fireworks and four men had entered the concert hall and were shooting senselessly into the crowd of people before they ended the attack by setting the building on fire.

It was deemed the deadliest attack in Russia in years as it killed over one hundred and thirty people and injured nearly two hundred. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, called the attack “a bloody, barbaric terrorist act.”

Russia immediately thought that this was an attack from Ukraine, but ISIS owned up to the attack; U.S. officials soon confirmed that this was the case.

Four suspects, identified as Tajik nationals, have been arrested on the counts of committing a terrorist attack and they will receive a life sentence.

Crocus Hall is located in Krasnogorsk and is a large entertainment and shopping complex built by billionaire Aras Agalarov.

Videos were surfacing that showed people panicking, running, and hiding, and at one point a man is heard on the video saying “They set the auditorium on fire. The auditorium is on fire.”

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