Bentley Delays Electric Vehicle Amid Changes?!

( – Bentley Motors has stopped its development of its new electric vehicle due to changing market conditions.

Bentley had plans to release an electric vehicle amid the popularity of EVs and transition their lineup into electric vehicles. The CEO of Bentley, Adrian Hallmark, has been committed to becoming carbon-neutral and has pushed to exclusively offer EVs, however, Bentley recently stated that the launch of their first EV car will be delayed a couple of years.

Bentley is not the first manufacturer that has decided to change, cancel, or delay the production of EVs due to the public’s lack of investment in them. Many thought that this market was going to be much bigger by now and it’s not, which has made many car manufacturers hold off on their EV plans.

“Whether we deliver all the BEVs by 2031 or not, we still may have some hybrids that we wouldn’t have had post-2030, but not for 10 years, maybe just for a couple of years as we run them out,” said Hallmark.

Bentley had originally spoken about their first EV coming out in the next year or so as well as plans to bring out an all-EV car each year following, but the delay has thrown a wrench into their entire plan.

Although the lack of interest in the market is a large issue for these electric cars, the CEO of Bentley also stated that software issues and not being able to develop an electric car up to Bentley’s standards prevented the release of their first electric vehicle. With this being said, they still offer hybrid cars and will continue to invest in plug-in hybrid Bentleys.

There are also plans to phase out their traditional internal combustion engines such as the V-12 and nonhybrid V-8s to continue their push into a more carbon-neutral business.

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