Biden Administration Threatens To Veto House Republicans Energy Package

( – The Biden administration threatened on Monday morning to veto an energy package proposed by Republican lawmakers in Congress, in case this one ends up reaching President Joe Biden’s desk. According to a White House statement, President Joe Biden will be forced to take this step since the energy package, which is also known as H.R.1, would take the country “backward” in its current form.

The White House also argued in the statement that the package will harm the American public since it would only benefit gas and oil companies, pointing out that the US consumer won’t be protected. In addition, it claimed that the Biden administration strongly opposes the House Republicans’ energy package since this would “undercut our public health and environment,” which comes as no surprise since the president was expected to oppose the legislation even before this statement.

The H.R.1, which is expected to come up for a vote in Congress by the end of the week, seeks to speed up infrastructure projects in the country, as well as reinforce the use of fossil fuels and repeal numerous aspects of President Biden’s controversial Inflation Reduction Act. Different reports have been pointing out that even when the bill may pass Congress, it’s highly unlikely that the Democrat-controlled Senate could eventually approve it.

Over the last few days, proponents of this legislation have said that the energy package is filled with the necessary reforms to bolster the numerous energy projects that the United States has, and to improve the country’s infrastructure in a fast and efficient manner.

When the bill was first introduced, Republican Louisiana Representative Steve Scalise, who is also the House Majority Leader, explained in a written statement that this would not only “cut red tape” but also increase the country’s energy production, which would allow the reduction of energy costs and the United States’ dependence on hostile foreign nations for its minerals and energy.

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