Biden Has A Controversial Meeting Planned At NATO Summit

( – According to a Politico July 10 report, US President Joe Biden is planning to sit down with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Turkish President Recep Erdogan. The media outlet pointed out that the meeting will take place at the upcoming NATO summit in the Lithuanian city of Vilnius. The main topic would be Sweden’s acceptance into NATO and Kyiv’s hypothetical alliance membership in the future.

Politco reported that different sources revealed that President Biden will have separate meetings with the two presidents, one on one. The first meeting will be with the Turkish leader, whom President Biden will try to convince to support the Swedish efforts to finally enter the military alliance.

Stockholm hasn’t been able to officially become part of NATO as Turkey and Hungary have expressed disagreements with some details about this move. Istanbul has also said it wouldn’t support the Swedish government until it stops supporting Kurdish rebels, which Ankara has labeled as terrorists.

However, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced a couple of hours after the Politico report that Turkey agreed to support Sweden’s bid. Stoltenberg added that the Turkish government decided to take this step in exchange for a new coordinator “for counterterrorism.” Different media outlets reported this implies that Stockholm will reduce its support for the Kurdish movement. Politico reported this doesn’t change President Biden’s plan and said that the meeting and its main topic will still take place despite the announcement.

About the reunion between President Biden and Zelensky, Politico said that the White House has it on its top list of priorities. The two leaders will talk about Ukraine’s future membership in NATO and why so many countries of this alliance are not willing to do it immediately.

According to the media outlet, sources said that the US commander-in-chief will offer Zelensky “strong” security assistance and the full removal of different bureaucratic obstacles. Politico explained that President Biden will offer these two benefits to the Uranian leader in exchange for him to stop pushing for an immediate Ukrainian membership in NATO.

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