Biden Wants To Make Citizenship Test Easier

Biden Wants To Make Citizenship Test Easier

( – Immigration has spiked to record numbers since President Joe Biden assumed office in 2021. Unfortunately, many of the people coming into the US are doing so illegally. President Joe Biden recently announced his intention to make the citizenship test easier without offering any explanation. Whatever the reason for the president’s initiative, former President Donald Trump doesn’t like it.

Responsible, Not Easy

During an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, the former president expressed his dismay at Biden’s proposal to change open-ended questions on the citizenship test to multiple-choice ones. Trump explained that he supports immigration as long as individuals go through the necessary legal channels to gain entry to the US.

Trump warned that other considerations than the influx of immigrants impact the problem associated with illegal migration. For instance, drugs and human trafficking accompany some of the millions of people who cross the border. The former president reiterated that he believes citizenship shouldn’t come easy and should be reserved for responsible people. Of course, this aligns with the former president’s ideology concerning immigration. Trump has said for years, dating back to at least his 2016 campaign, the US needs to toughen up regarding immigration and border security.

The Future of Immigration?

According to Priscilla Alvarez of CNN, Biden is planning to redesign the civics portion of the citizenship test. Rather than utilizing the current format in which migrants must fill in the blanks, the president is looking to make those questions multiple choice, meaning the individuals will have sets of answers to choose from instead of writing in their own responses without those hints. Alvarez noted that applicants only need to correctly answer six out of 10 questions to pass the test.

After becoming president, Biden quickly worked to repeal Trump-era immigration policies. For example, he stopped the construction of Trump’s border wall dead in its tracks. In one instance, the commander-in-chief ended his predecessor’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which forced migrants to stay south of the border until their cases were processed. The Supreme Court recently blocked that effort to end Title 42.

Trump, who announced his 2024 presidential candidacy in mid-November, declared that if he were elected president again, he would be much tougher than Biden on the issue of immigration. The former commander-in-chief added that the southern border had been the most secure when sitting in the Oval Office and that his return would only strengthen it.

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