Border Patrol Union Blames Biden After Immigrant Breakthrough?!

( – The union that represents the United States Border Patrol has criticized and blamed the Biden administration after over one hundred immigrants broke through the barrier at the Southern border.

A video shows over a hundred immigrants storming through the barbed wire and pushing their way illegally into the U.S. The Border Patrol Union wrote in a post, “This is only going to get worse. It’s just the beginning.” The post continued, “The anarchy Joe Biden and his radical leftist mob have unleashed on Americans is despicable.”

This has made many people come forward and express their opinions on the situation. Rep. Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee even said that the president must close the border immediately. Texas Governor Greg Abbott said that this was a “direct result of the unsustainable chaos President Biden has unleashed on the border.”

Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens said that he needs more resources to give consequences at the border. Owens referenced these consequences, saying, “I’m talking about jail time. I’m talking about being removed from the country, and I’m talking about being banned from being able to come back because you chose to come in the illegal way instead of the established lawful pathways that we set for you.”

The Biden administration spoke back saying that the Border Patrol wasn’t the ones overrun, but the National Guard was. A White House Spokesman thanked the Border Patrol, saying, “We are grateful for Border Patrol’s quick work to get the situation under control and apprehend the migrants.”

“When the former President told Congressional Republicans to block the bipartisan border security agreement – he said to blame him for it. Well he got his wish, and the result was chaos after Governor Abbott’s Operational Lone Star and razor wire were overrun yesterday,” said the spokesperson.

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