China Claims U.S. Is Trying To Suppress China?!

( – China’s foreign affairs officials said that the United States is suppressing China and China’s response is to deepen their relations with Russia.

This accusation came from Foreign Minister Wang Yi, who said the United States was trying to suppress China with sanctions. Wang Yi said that the sanctions that the United States has imposed on China are “bewildering” and “unfathomable” levels. Wang even said that the relationship between China and the United States is “critical” but that the relationship with Russia is what would be deepened over the next months.

Wang praised the amount of trade that happened between China and Russia as their bilateral trade relationship hit a record of $240 billion last year. A lot of this was from the car sales that came from China to Russia at the start of the war in Ukraine.

Wang continued by stating that the United States failed to uphold promises and that they are “obsessed” with suppressing China. He also touched on the importance of mutual respect and said that “It is unacceptable that certain countries are at the table while others are on the menu.”

Relations between the United States and China have been on the decline after President Joe Biden’s meeting with the Chinese President. During the meeting, Biden promised not to back Taiwanese independence, but China claims that this promise is not being upheld.

China has pushed the theory of “multipolarity” and has spoken of that multiple times when referring to the Russian-Chinese relationship. “The China-Russia relationship moves ahead along the trend of multipolarity,” Wang said. Beijing said that a “multipolar world” would mean one that was not run by Washington.

This has been the backbone of the “no limits” friendship that was announced by Russia and China right before Russia invaded Ukraine.

He ended his speech by saying that “The global south is no longer the silent majority, but the force for reforming the international order”.

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