Christie Says Trump is Scared of Showing at Debates

( – Former Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie said during a Wednesday interview on a radio show that former US president Donald Trump is scared of taking the stage in GOP primary debates. Christie made these comments after Trump suggested he would skip the events and the New York Times reported that he’s planning to skip one of the first two debates.

During the radio interview with conservative host Hugh Hewitt, Christie said that the Republican Party must hold “as many” debates as possible and should even offer an “open format” that prevents presidential candidates from giving “sound-byte answers” that not a single person will believe. He added this open format will allow for follow-up questions, which Christie says is the best way for people to know more about the candidates.

The former New Jersey Governor used to be one of the main allies of Trump during his administration. However, he started to distance himself from the former president and finally became an anti-Trump after the January 6th, 2021 Capitol riots. Nowadays, Christie is one of Trump’s most powerful Republican critics.

Christie also told Hewitt that another reason why Trump must be part of the primary debates is that these events are crucial for the American voter to determine which candidate is better prepared to become the president of the United States and lead the country in these difficult times.

The former New Jersey governor also told Hewitt he laments that the former president feels he could be at risk of “losing his head” if he appears on one of these debates. He claimed that if his ideas are so good like Trump says, or if his leadership is so important, then he should be part of these events because these will increase his chances of winning. Finally, Christie says this isn’t the case right now because Trump is “afraid” of engaging in a debate and showing everyone the weak candidate he is.

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