Congress Stuck With Crucial Decisions Following Holidays

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( – As Congress returns from the holidays, there are a lot of decisions to be made, but they are just as split on these decisions as they were before they left. With multiple issues in the U.S. and conflicts abroad, Congress needs to vote on many significant decisions and officials are putting a deadline on it.

The initial decision that Congress must act on is passing the bills that concern their funding to avoid another government shutdown. Congress has been unable to decide on the funding bills for months now and has just been given a new deadline, forcing them to decide within the next couple of weeks.

They have been using short-term extensions to fund the government during this time; the last one was renewed as a short-term extension just hours before the government was set to shut down in November. Congress now needs to prioritize getting their bills passed to have annual funding.

Funding for Ukraine and Israel could also be put on hold. Biden has requested $106 Billion in foreign aid, however many are not backing this until it includes stricter border security and immigration policy changes as well.

A House Representative said, “With the exception of the already passed and fully offset Israel aid package, the House must be closed for business on any supplemental spending for Ukraine or any other foreign nation unless America’s own border is fully secured with significant and verifiable improvement and the cost is entirely offset.”

The funding that the United States has sent to Ukraine is set to run out soon, so a decision is needed as soon as possible.

With Biden proposing new bills and the holiday break, there are a lot of decisions to be made by Congress, and with newer deadlines, hopefully, we can expect to see some verdicts surfacing soon.

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