Convicted Mafia Boss Dies in Prison Hospital

( – Italian Mobster Matteo Messina Denaro died on September 25 in a hospital prison Ward in Italy. His death took place a couple of months after being arrested by authorities as the country’s main fugitive. Prosecutors in Italy also explained his capture came after decades on the run.

According to a state radio RAI report, the 61-year-old Mafia boss died in the L’Aquila hospital in the country’s central region at 2 am after being in come since September 22. Messina Denaro has been convicted and sentenced to life in prison for being the mastermind of some of the worst slayings committed by the Sicilian Mafia in its history.

L’Aquila prosecutors’ office published a brief statement about the mobster’s demise but didn’t cite the cause of death. However, the prosecutors pointed out that the office and authorities in the Sicilian city of Palermo were requesting an immediate autopsy, even when it was of public knowledge that Messina Denaro was struggling with a “very serious illness.” Media outlets in Italy reported that the Mafia boss will be buried by the end of the week in Sicily.

According to different reports, Messina Denaro was living while a fugitive in Sicily’s western region, which became his stronghold after three decades of eluding law enforcement. Authorities captured him on January 16 as he was obliged to regularly go to hospitals and clinics to treat his colon cancer.

The mobster’s arrest came 30 years after Italian police captured the so-called Mafia’s “boss of bosses” Salvatore Riina in Palermo in 1993. While a fugitive, authorities convicted Messina Denaro of dozens of murders committed in Italy, including helping to organize a pair of bombings in 1992 that killed the country’s anti-Mafia prosecutors Paolo Borsellino and Giovanni Falcone.

RAI said that while Italian prosecutors pushed him to collaborate with authorities and provide information about the Cosa Nostra, he never said a word and refused to receive some benefits in exchange for collaborating with police. Newspaper Corriere della Sera said that Messina Denaro “died and took all secrets with him.”

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