DEA Seizes 855 Pounds of Meth From Storage Unit?!

drugs in the form of crystals on a black background, methamphetamine in a plastic bag

( – According to law enforcement in Georgia, the local police seized over 800 pounds of methamphetamine from a storage unit.

The Clayton County Police Department announced this discovery on Tuesday and posted a photo with law enforcement next to dozens of bags and containers of crystal meth after announcing the findings. Law enforcement and the Drug Enforcement Administration said that the drugs were found inside a storage facility that was located on Jimmy Carter Boulevard in Norcross, Georgia.

There was a total of 855 pounds of drugs in multiple bags and they were separated into storage bags and food storage containers that were closed with different colored lids. They estimated the retail value of the drugs to be about $1.5 million worth.

Robert J Murphy, Special Agent in charge of the investigation said, “It’s cheap, has a high that lasts a long time. It’s about $1.6 million worth of methamphetamine wholesale, but when it’s getting broken down on the street, it’s gonna go for a lot more than that.”

The DEA believes that the drugs came from a super lab in Mexico and were smuggled into the United States in liquid form. No real details were released on who might have owned the storage unit, but they did arrest a Mexican native who was seen going into the storage unit. They believe that the drugs are connected to Cartel Jalisco New Generation, which is a cartel working in the Atlanta area.

Agent Murphy said that Mexico is heavy in the meth business; it’s very profitable for them since they “control every end of it.”

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