Deep Dive: Biden’s State of the Union Speech

( – Biden’s State of the Union speech has sparked conversations regarding the issues that he vowed to protect.

Joe Biden had his State of the Union speech where he touched on issues regarding seniors, such as protecting Medicare and Social Security. “If anyone here tries to cut Social Security or Medicare or raise the retirement age, I will stop them,” Biden said in his speech.

Biden has pushed this narrative as the Presidential election approaches and he is expected to face off against Donald Trump again. The focus on these benefits is also important since the next 10 years will see them tampering off. Biden has recently started talking about making the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes as well, which would help funding for programs like Social Security.

“Working people who built this country pay more into Social Security than millionaires and billionaires do,” Biden said. “It’s not fair.” According to the Center for Economics and Policy, workers who reached $1 million in income stopped paying for Social Security whereas wage workers who didn’t earn that would continually pay into it.

“It’s time to act, it’s time to vote, not only to protect Social Security but to expand benefits that haven’t been expanded in more than 50 years,” Representative John Larson said.

Biden hasn’t spoken on specific plans to address Social Security, but he has spoken about applying payroll tax to wages over $400,000. The White House has also spoken about increasing the Medicare tax rate as well.

Biden constantly bashed Republicans saying that they would give the wealthy more advantages but they would cut benefits for seniors. President of the Social Security Works, Nancy Altman, said “The commission is designed to slash vital earned benefits through a fast-track, closed-door process, intended to allow Republicans to avoid political accountability.”

President Biden put himself on the same side as American seniors with his State of the Union speech and he laid out his plans to increase funding for these benefits that are relied on by seniors in America.

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