eBay Pays $3 Million for Harassment of Massachusetts Couple?!

San Jose, California, USA - March 29, 2018: eBay sign at eBay 's headquarters in Silicon Valley. eBay Inc. is a multinational e-commerce corporation.

(AmericanProsperity.com) – eBay will need to pay $3 million in penalties to a Massachusetts couple whom they targeted in response to the couple’s newsletter which mentioned eBay.

Four years ago, a Massachusetts couple released a newsletter that spoke about eBay, which the company interpreted negatively and retaliated against the couple. Members of the eBay team reportedly sent bloody pig masks, insects, a funeral wreath, and more to the couple’s home in response to their newsletter.

eBay was charged with stalking, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice according to the Department of Justice.

U.S. Attorney Joshua S Levy said, “eBay engaged in absolutely horrific, criminal conduct. The company’s employees and contractors involved in this campaign put the victims through pure hell, in a petrifying campaign aimed at silencing their reporting and protecting the eBay brand,” regarding the situation with eBay.

Jim Baugh, who was eBay’s former Senior Director of Safety and Security, as well as six other employees went on to target the couple for their newsletter and the tone in which they were writing their articles.

The group of eBay employees went to extreme lengths to harass the couple for their newsletter, including sending anonymous deliveries, and public and private tweets, as well as going to their home to install a GPS device on their car.

Baugh and the group of other employees denied their part in it and deleted evidence, however, reports say that eBay as a company cooperated with authorities.

“The company cooperated fully and extensively with law enforcement authorities throughout the process. eBay does not tolerate this kind of behavior. eBay apologizes to the affected individuals and is sorry that they were subjected to this,” a committee member from eBay’s board of directors put in a statement.

The group of employees were charged in this case and many of them are now serving prison sentences. Jim Baugh himself is serving 57 months in prison as per his sentencing from September 2022.

In response, eBay has put in multiple measures to ensure this never happens again, such as checks and balances that ensure corporate culture and a corporate compliance monitor for three years.

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