EU Wants To Make It Easy To Deport Migrants

EU Wants To Make It Easy To Deport Migrants

( – Over the past few years, migrants have fled to countries in Europe as well as North America in hopes of finding better lives. Nonetheless, many do so illegally and often bring crime, drugs, or other contraband with them when they cross.

During the pandemic, deportations in the European Union (EU) fell as governments struggled to keep up with the various necessary physical and administrative processes. Now, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Ylva Johansson says the group is ramping up its plan to increase deportations from the bloc.

Johansson Aims to Boost International Cooperation

Breitbart reports that Johansson is pushing for the group to increase communication with nations outside of its designated group in order to make deportations smoother.

The year 2022 saw well over 281,000 “irregular entries” at the EU’s external borders, according to Frontex. This 77% jump from the previous year’s timeframe shows the biggest increase in traffic since 2016. The Western Balkans along Hungary’s border recently saw the biggest increase in migrants.

Despite this jump in border crossings, Johansson believes the EU will “have turned things around” by the start of 2024. During this time, she plans to deepen the working relationships between the EU and certain African nations that are home to many of the illegal migrants.

How Will EU Nations React to This New Plan?

According to a report from Die Welt and translated by Breitbart, Johansson may move to make legal immigration into the EU easier as she increases deportations. Even so, as many EU nations have seen a rise in conservative and nationalist tendencies, there may be pushback against this move.

According to, French authorities deported the most number of illegal migrants during the second quarter of 2022, at 33,450 people. This figure was almost four times that of the country with the second-highest record, Greece, which ousted only 8,750 unlawful border crossers. When the EU as a whole moves to deport greater numbers, it will be interesting to see which countries pick up the slack and which ones drag their heels.

Who Is Coming to the EU?

According to Eurostat, most of the people getting kicked out of the EU were from Albania, although Georgians and Russians were close behind. As the EU ramps up deportations again, it will likely face support from many people within its borders. Still, some progressives may also take issue with the increase.

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