First Debate Leads to Funding Boost for Pence

( – According to The Hill, former vice president and presidential candidate Mike Pence received a fundraising boost after the first GOP presidential primary debate in Milwaukee. Different reports pointed out that while Pence was one of the most praised candidates at the event, he failed to outperform conservative entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, who is getting more popular every day.

As reported by the media outlet the pro-Pence super PAC Committed to America got $250,000 a couple of days after the debate. One of his presidential campaign advisers also told The Hill that over 1,000 small-dollar donations unexpectedly rolled in during night hours.

During an August 27 interview at CBS’ “Face the Nation,” the former vice president said that after the primary debate, he feels “more confident” that the GOP could recover the White House in 2024. When asked why, Pence said he believes that Republican voters won’t pick former President Donald Trump as the final nominee. Otherwise, he said, it would be difficult for the Republican Party to win the 2024 presidential election against US President Joe Biden.

Pence also said he remains confident that the Republican nominee will be someone who will give all Americans a “Standard-bearer” for the GOP. He said this is what is going to give the party a real chance to triumph not only against President Biden, but also against the “radical left” that supports the commander-in-chief.

Despite these words, almost every single poll keeps showing that Donald Trump remains the main favorite to win the GOP nomination. On August 29, FiveThirtyEight showed that Trump’s lead remains high and consistent, putting Trump 35 points ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who remains the runner-up in the GOP presidential primary.

Pence already signed a pledge to support the Republican nominee, no matter who that candidate is. Signing this pledge is one of the main requisites to be part of the debates.

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