Florida’s High Homeless Rate Set To Increase Amid New Bill?!

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Florida has been battling severe cases of homelessness and there doesn’t seem to be a decline in sight for the state.

Diana Stanley, the owner of The Lord’s Place, which is a homeless charity that works in Florida, said that when they opened their newest engagement they thought they’d get a few people every day. However, upon opening they have been seeing more than two hundred people daily come in, which proves just how widespread and intense Florida’s homeless issue is.

There’s no question there’s an increase in homelessness,” said Stanley. “We’re seeing more and more families experiencing homelessness for the first time. And I would be remiss if I didn’t talk about the older adults, later in life, losing housing due to affordability, and being homeless at the age of 60 plus. It’s not a good situation right now,” Stanley continued.

Stanley spoke out about a new bill that was just passed to governor Ron DeSantis, and he is looking to sign it into law. She says that this bill is to establish homeless camps for counties and areas where homelessness is an issue. The camps would be away from the general public and the homeless would be penalized if they were found sleeping elsewhere.

There has been a lot of controversy over his new law; many are saying that there’s no plan for the increased funding DeSantis once promised for things like substance abuse. This has made some people think that these camps will be used to hide the homeless problem rather than address and fix it.

Veteran social justice advocate Barrington Salmon said “True to form, DeSantis didn’t offer a palette of humane solutions.” He continued, “He spoke of the issue in stark, unsympathetic terms characterizing homelessness in purely negative terms, blaming them for contributing to the erosion of the quality of life of others lucky to not be sleeping on the street.”

Many have said that the law is too vague but that is their purpose when it comes to hiding the homeless issue. Some are also concerned with what the camps will be like once they are in motion due to the lack of description of them.

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