Guns and Weapons Trafficked From U.S. Fueling Haiti Violence

( – Haiti has been dealing with excessive gang violence since gangs and prisoners have overtaken the government and caused chaos throughout the area.

The weapons that are being supplied to Haiti, which are seen in the hands of gang members, were not made in Haiti but rather in the United States. Haiti doesn’t have any weapons manufacturing capabilities, so these weapons couldn’t have come from within the country.

The guns that are in Haiti were more than likely trafficked from the United States in places that have less strict firearm laws and then were brought in via Florida. These trafficked weapons have given gang members a huge advantage over police in the area since the police force has less firepower than the Haitian gangs.

Robert Muggah, a security expert and co-founder of a think tank, spoke out about the weapons that are fueling the violence in Haiti.

“Easily accessible firearms from the US are one of several factors that are deepening Haiti’s instability,” he said. Muggah continued, “The abundance of high-powered rifles, handguns, and ammunition is dramatically amplifying the power of criminal gangs who easily outgun Haiti’s depleted national police and modest security agencies.”

Joly Germine directed requests for weapons that were sent from a Haitian prison. He said that these weapons were requested by citizens in Florida and that the weapons were packaged, stuffed under clothes and Gatorade, and prepared for shipment.

The United States has come up with different methods to combat weapon smuggling from Florida, but Muggah says that these precautions will more than likely just be scratching the surface.

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