Hillary Clinton Admits Biden’s Age Is An Issue

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said on Sunday that voters had the right to feel concerned about President Joe Biden’s age. She made these comments during a Financial Times Weekend Festival in Washington, DC, where she was talking about the current political situation.

At one moment, Clinton told Financial Times editor Edward Luce she felt skepticism towards President Biden’s fitness for office. She even said it was clear that the president’s “age is an issue.” Clinton also said this was such an undeniable fact that American voters have “every right to consider” it. However, she urged everyone to support him and vote for him in the presidential election if he becomes the Democratic Party’s nominee.

Clinton made these comments at a moment when Luce asked her thoughts about President Biden nearly falling during last week’s G-7 summit in Japan. The former Secretary of State said this was a concerning situation, but claimed that younger US presidents also had similar moments. She also said that President Biden is a great politician that never gets the credit he deserves in terms of “jobs, and growth and planning for the future.”

Finally, Clinton told Luce that she hopes President Biden remains focused and can compete in the election. She said this is crucial as she believes the Democratic leader can be re-elected, which is the outcome she says she hopes for.

Over the last few years, members of the Biden administration have downplayed the president’s age. One of the greatest examples came from White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, who told Don Lemon no one should question his age. This comment raised criticism as many journalists and even some political leaders have said that President Biden’s age is an issue that everyone should pay attention to.

In fact, a recent poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News revealed that 63 percent of Americans believe he isn’t mentally fit to govern.

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