House Republicans to Impeach Homeland Security Secretary

( – Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has been under a lot of scrutiny and pressure based on how he has been dealing with the current border crisis. The U.S. House is prepared to impeach Alejandro Mayorkas over border security issues and the impeachment request has sparked quite a concern.

Republicans have said that Mayorkas has “failed to comply” with immigration laws which has resulted in the surge in immigrants that are at the United States-Mexico border. Democrats seem to think quite the opposite and they stated that the claims are untrue and that they are not grounds for impeachment.

House Speaker Mike Johnson spoke out saying, “It’s an extreme measure. But extreme times call for extreme measures.”

On the other hand, Representative Joe Nuguse said “This is a total waste of time.” This shows that voting for this issue might go right between party lines.

Border issues are a huge political issue at the moment and many have spoken out about the crisis which continues to go on there. There have been record numbers of migrants going through the Southern border in what Mayorkas says is a “global migration.” This has resulted in many of them being pushed into large cities that are unprepared to deal with the sudden influx in population.

Those who are on the opposing side state that there is not enough proof or substantial evidence of actions that would be a motive for impeachment. According to the Princeton Program on Law and Public Policy’s director Deborah Pearlstein, “This impeachment is exactly what impeachment was never supposed to be for.”

Lawyer Alan Dershowitz said that “impeachment” is not meant to be for a “bad cabinet member.” He continued, “Whatever else Mayorkas may or may not have done, he has not committed bribery, treason, or high crimes and misdemeanors.”

The vote is set to be held and many think that the verdict and votes will be quite close, but Republicans have pushed for this and they don’t seem like they’ll give up anytime soon.

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