Hutchinson Blasts Trump in NBC Interview

( – GOP 2024 presidential candidate and former Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson grilled former US president Donald Trump on Tuesday, as he claimed he took the United States “back to bitterness.” Hutchinson also urged the Republican Party to move on, as the former commander-in-chief’s campaign makes efforts to recover momentum in the presidential campaign.

During an NBC News interview, correspondent Vaughn Hillyard asked the former Arkansas Governor why he believes that the GOP should move on from Trump. Hutchinson responded that the party needed to take this step because the former president took the country back to an era of “bitterness” and polarization. He also said Trump has moved the United States to some kind of “personal vendetta,” pointing out Trump this is the main goal of Trump if he gets elected, instead of leading the nation.

In addition, Hutchinson told Hillyard that nobody in the Republican Party would like another race between Trump and President Joe Biden, as he says “We wanna win.” Hutchinson was repeating the same speculation of numerous political analysts, who believe that the former president is the perfect candidate for Biden, as the majority of voters have proven to be anti-Trump.

Moreover, Hutchinson said the country needs an immediate change as Trump already lost to Biden in 2020, and the Democratic leader hasn’t delivered a good job. He also said that if the Republican Party commits the same mistake of 2020, President Biden will have four more years in the White House. He ended the interview by saying this is the reason why new leadership is crucial.

With his presidential run, Hutchinson is joining Trump, conservative businessman Vivek Ramasamy and former South Carolina Governor and Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley in the GOP ring. Different reports point out that South Carolina Senator Tim Scott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are expected to join anytime soon.

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