India Will Hold the World’s Largest Election?!

( – India is holding the world’s largest general election starting next month and there are expected to be nearly one billion voters who will participate.

The election will be a seven-stage election that will last for over a month. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Party is expected to win the majority according to multiple different opinion polls. If this happens, then the Bharatiya Janata Party is expected to win its third term.

An equity strategist, Kranthi Bathini, said “Given the economic growth momentum in the domestic economy created by a Modi-led government and an increased image of India on a global stage, many are confident that Modi will win again.”

Those who are running for opposing parties have accused the BJP of falsifying votes or lying to make the votes go in their favor. They’ve suggested that the electronic voting systems can be hacked and have accused members of Modi’s party of performing a power grab after lawmakers were suspended for causing disruptions during parliamentary proceedings.

Many Indian citizens are looking into Modi’s party for economic stability, and this may be what lets them hold the upcoming election’s vote as well. India has seen its economy strengthen substantially since Modi won the second term, and they are now the world’s seventh-largest stock market.

Modi’s closest political ally and India’s home minister, Amit Shah, said, “Wherever I go, I can clearly see that Modi will become PM for the third time.”

There has also been talk of the United States meeting with Modi in order to discuss business as the U.S. moves away from operations with China.

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