Intelligence Official Says U.S. Must Stand Strong Against China

( – House Intelligence Committee Chairman and Ohio Republican Mike Turner said on Sunday that the United States is experiencing an “unbelievable aggression” from China. He explained that the country is one of the main targets of the communist regime’s aggressive operation against the West and that it must stay strong.

During an appearance on ABC’s “This Week,” Turner said that Beijing has already shown its willingness to be aggressive against the United States. He said that the biggest examples have been the espionage balloon, the Chinese police stations, and the aggressiveness against US ships and planes. He also explained these cases go “right to the heart” of what Xi Jinping told Vladimir Putin. This happened during a recent reunion the two leaders had in Moscow, where Xi said they were both trying to make a change that hadn’t “happened in 100 years.”

His comments came a week after a Chinese jet flew in front of a US spy aircraft over the South China Sea. It also came a day after a Chinese warship nearly crashed on an American Navy destroyer, in what many experts believe is an act of provocation. In fact, many believe Xi could be imitating the same “strongman” approach that Russia has shown against the United States as a way to please his base.

When talking about the “change” that Xi and Putin discussed, Turner told host Martha Raddatz this was about spreading authoritarianism across the globe. He explained this is a significant threat that the world hasn’t seen in years, and claimed that the United States needs to stand against this. Moreover, he said that the Biden administration must stay strong and take action against this situation.

Finally, he said that Washington must call Beijing out and strongly respond every time Beijing takes aggressive action. He also called on President Joe Biden to step up and stop being permissive to China.

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