Iran Says They Are “Not Afraid of War” with the US

( – Just recently, Iran has spoken out to say that they are not looking for war with the United States, but that they aren’t afraid of it either.

As the United States looks into how to respond to an attack in Jordan that killed three US militants, the head of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards, Maj Gen Hossein Salami, has expressed that although Iran does not want war, they are not afraid of it. The United States is currently looking into how they would like to respond to this situation and whether or not to initiate an attack back.

“We hear some threats from American officials about targeting Iran. We tell them that you tested us and we know each other. We do not leave any threat unanswered, and we do not look for war, but we are not afraid of it. This is the well-known truth,” said the commander-in-chief, Maj Gen Hossein Salami.

Tensions are high right now as there have been multiple strikes on different military groups on both sides. Iranian militia in Iraq are expected to continue down the same route that Kataib Hezbollah did. Kataid Hezbollah is the group that was blamed for the fatal drone attack on the US service base. On Tuesday, Kataib Hezbollah said that it would stop attacks on American forces in the Middle East.

“We’re announcing the suspension of our military and security operations against the occupying forces to avoid any embarrassment for the Iraqi government,” they posted on their website.

The biggest issue that many countries are anticipating is that the United States may look like an aggressor if they decide to hit Iran back. There has been immense pressure on the prime minister of Iraq, Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, to cease attacks on United States bases to alleviate the pressure many are putting on President Joe Biden to hit Iran back directly.

William Burns, who is the director of the CIA released a statement that placed blame on Iran for being the “root of the conflict…Key to Israel’s – and the region’s – security is dealing with Iran. The Iranian regime has been emboldened by the crisis and seems ready to fight to its last regional proxy, all while expanding its nuclear program and enabling Russian aggression,” he said.

He continued, “We’re still working through the analysis, but clearly the work has all the hallmarks of groups that are backed by the IRGC and in fact by Hezbollah as well.”

The tensions are rising and there has been a lot of pressure for countries and leaders to step up and take action to help alleviate some of the tensions happening across countries to hopefully avoid full-out war.

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