Iran Send Strikes To Middle East Due to Failed Biden Policy

( – The Biden Administration is being ridiculed because of the Iran policy that was implemented to prevent further violence from occurring in the region.

The Islamic Republic of Iran fired missiles at Iraq, Syria, and Pakistan in less than a 24-hour time frame initiated on Tuesday. This pro-war behavior commenced on Tuesday as the clerical regime placed a banner across a building that said to “Prepare your coffins.”

The Iranian policy is quite clear as they’ve recently stated their thoughts on both America and Israel and as they continue to observe the conflict in the area. “Death to America will happen,” said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, “In the new order I am talking about, America will no longer have any important role.” He also stated that another policy they are pushing is “Death to Israel.”

An academic expert on the Middle East, Walid Phares, recently spoke out about the Biden Administration’s role in the Middle East and their thoughts regarding it, “The Biden administration resumed the Obama Mideast policies entirely, but with further recklessness, yielding a domino effect worldwide and particularly in the Middle East and North Africa.”

A U.S. Department Spokesperson fought back on what they were saying by putting out a statement that read, “Secretary Blinken and the Department have focused on promoting both stability and regional integration in the Middle East since the beginning of the administration and especially since the Israel-Hamas conflict broke out on October 7.”

It continued, “The Secretary has made four trips to the region since October 7 – during which period, the United States has helped negotiate temporary humanitarian pauses in Gaza, secure the release of 110 hostages, and promote the delivery of critical humanitarian aid to Gaza.”

Others have spoken out about the United State’s roles in foreign affairs and their chosen allies. “The Biden administration made dangerous choices regarding U.S. traditional friends and allies, especially by pressuring Israel to delay any action against Iran’s aggressive behavior in the region, and also pressures on Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, regarding their containment of the Houthis in Yemen, leading to a lionization of the Ansarallah, hence encouraging them to hold the maritime line in the Red Sea hostage,” said Phares.

Foreign policy experts all around are conflicted with the Biden Administration’s stance in this conflict and what their goals are within the Middle East and surrounding areas. Many, however, have stated that they feel that Bidan’s policy on Iran has failed more than once and they are expecting changes to take place as things continue. A new plan may be coming into place as many continue to scrutinize Biden’s policy orders.

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