Israel-Hamas War HOPEFUL Of Ceasefire?

( – With the severity of the Israel-Hamas war increasing over the last couple of months, many people are looking for a ceasefire, and there may finally be a negotiation in process. We’ve heard recently that there is a discussion about a ceasefire or a similar negotiation.

There have been recent negotiations in the works revolving around a potential ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war. This particular negotiation has the end goal of a one to two-month ceasefire.

Israel proposed a ceasefire that would be two months long in exchange for the release of more than 130 hostages, according to an Israeli official who doesn’t want to be named. Another Israeli official stated that 25 of the hostages are deceased, but that they are requesting for their bodies to be released.

Despite not having a definite ceasefire agreement, there is a lot of talk that both sides “broadly agree in principle that an exchange of Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners could take place during a month-long ceasefire.”

An issue that continues to arise is that both sides cannot agree on a permanent ceasefire solution that would end the war in Gaza permanently. The negotiations are being discussed with the United States, Egypt, and Qatar.

One of the key issues that looms over a full agreement between the two parties is that Hamas has refused to accept any agreement that doesn’t involve a full permanent ceasefire or release of Palestinian prisoners, and they would like all Israeli forces to be pulled out from the Gaza strip.

This war has been the source of extensive violence and excessive deaths, especially from the October 7 attack. With this being said, some of the prisoners are Hamas soldiers who took part in the terrorist attack on October 7, hence Israel’s reluctance to release them.

During this war, Israel’s offensive military lines have killed more than 25,000 people, many of them civilians, and have displaced about 90% of people from the Gaza Strip.

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