Jill Biden Tests Positive for Virus

(AmericanProsperity.com) – The White House announced on September 4 that the United States First Lady Jill Biden tested positive for the coronavirus. This situation took place right after US President Joe Biden said he tested negative before traveling to the Group of 20 summit in India.

The commander-in-chief’s 72-year-old wife said she was feeling fine and described her symptoms as mild. The last time she tested positive for the virus was in August 2022, while the last time President Biden tested positive was in July last year.

In a statement, Jill Biden’s communications chief Elizabeth Alexander said that the First Lady was feeling well. She then added that she will remain at the Biden’s home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. The president visited her and then flew back to Washington alone.

In its announcement, the White House said a test was administered to President Biden after watching the results of the First Lady. The commander-in-chief tested negative and his doctors decided to immediately test at a regular cadence every day for a week, and monitor “for symptoms.”

President Biden is currently running for re-election in 2024, in a presidential campaign where the question about his age and health has loomed as a main issue for voters. Political leaders from both sides of the aisle have said his age is a legitimate concern. Even former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton said that voters had the right to consider the president’s age.

The commander-in-chief has become the oldest president in the history of the United States to seek a second term, and many GOP leaders have said he’s too old to remain four more years in the White House. One of these has been former South Carolina governor and presidential candidate Nikki Haley, who has even questioned President Biden’s mental and physical health.

Despite this concern, President Biden’s main allies in the White House have repeatedly said he’s fit to serve for another presidential term.

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