KJP Struggles to Answer Questions about ISIS Traffickers

(AmericanProsperity.com) – White House Press Secretary Karine Jean Pierre had a difficult time answering questions during an August 29 press conference following a CNN report that revealed someone connected to ISIS helped to smuggle Uzbek illegal immigrants into the country.

As reported by the liberal network, the incident is so alarming that President Joe Biden’s main Cabinet officials received an urgent top-secret intelligence report. The report was part of their morning “briefing book.” Many in the Cabinet allegedly saying this shouldn’t “get out of control.” CNN also said that many US counterterrorism officials believe the situation reveals that international terrorists can now easily sneak across the southern border. The officials allegedly said these terrorists are taking advantage of the recent surge of migrants that are entering the United States looking for asylum.

In the press briefing, reporters asked Jean-Pierre about the report, and how it was possible that a person with ties to the Islamic terrorist group could smuggle people into the country. After that, the press secretary said that some intelligence agencies alerted the Biden administration about what was going on at the border, specifically about a new human smuggling network. She then said that the White House moved “fast” on this matter and managed to successfully disrupt the network for good.

After that, a reporter asked her how some ISIS sympathizers might have managed to get into the country, and if the White House knew where these people are right now. Jean-Pierre claimed that according to the reports they received, there was “no sign” that any migrant who was smuggled by this network had any connection to a terrorist organization like ISIS.

In the press conference’s last minutes, Jean-Pierre said that it was important for the American people to understand the situation and how the Biden administration delivered results. She added that the White House is “grateful” to law enforcement agencies for their “quick work” and the way they solved this situation.

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