Lead Tainted Drinking Water Affects Children in Chicago?!

(AmericanProsperity.com) – Many children in Chicago under the age of six have been exposed to lead via drinking water coming from lead pipes.

A recent study relied on artificial intelligence to scan thousands of homes’ water systems and looked into demographics, blood samples, and other factors. It ultimately said that Black and Latino residents are more likely to have lead contamination due to lead pipes. It also stated that children from Latino and Black households have double the amount of lead in their bloodstream.

“These findings indicate that childhood lead exposure is widespread in Chicago, and racial inequities are present in both testing rates and exposure levels,” according to the study.

The Federal Government has said that there is no safe level of lead exposure. Studies have proven that very small amounts of lead can cause potential health problems such as kidney disease. Public Health professor Benjamin Huynh has said that residents should be concerned, and he suggested that they get their water tested and make decisions based on those results.

According to the EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency, Chicago has been compliant with EPA measures and hasn’t had a high enough percentage to report its findings. With this said, they are giving cities a chance to change their pipes but are giving Chicago forty years to get their piping under control as they have so many lead-covered pipes.

Many people are worried about their children and what waiting forty years might do to their health. Many have also said that Chicago officials need to be much more aggressive when it comes to protecting their citizens when it comes to drinking water, lead, and other health concerns in the city.

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